February 27, 2018

There are over 25 optometrists in London who have been accepting used glasses in marked boxes in their reception areas. Members collect these glasses, pack in boxes and take them to Woodstock. Day and Ross Transport Company  have been graciously shipping those glasses to the Canadian Lions Eye Glass Recycling Centre (CLERC) in Calgary. Optical missions sponsored by Lions clubs and other groups distribute the donated glasses to needy people throughout the world.

CLERC was officially launched in 1996. The Calgary Correctional Centre (CCC) was supplied a facility by the Alberta government which included a correctional officer and volunteer offenders. They receive, sort, sanitize, repair, read for prescription on Lensometers, produce from an attached printer a prescription, then place into shipping boxes of 350 according to type. In 2012 a new initiative with respect to processing the eye glasses was started. Work parties of Lions from District clubs sort, clean, read and package glasses ready to be sent to various missions as required. To learn more about this initiative visit http://clerc.ca/

Lions clubs have collection points across Canada. We collect new and used reading, single vision, bifocal, children, safety, and both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses (clip-ons and glasses). Glasses may consist of glasses in frames, frames only, or uncut lenses. If you have eyeglasses lying in a drawer, gather them up (no cases please) and drop them off at your optometrist or Wal Mart vision centre in London or contact London Central Lions Club. Hearing aids are also accepted for this programme.